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Be Better at Work

Ah-ha and ha ha moments can make us better at work. Please relisten to these two popular Think Fast Talk Smart episodes. From Bob Sutton, we learn best practices for being more effective in our collaborations with others. From Jennifer Aaker and Naomi Bagdonas we learn how to infuse humor into the work we do. Both episodes challenge us to rethink how we approach and show up at work and in life.



Clarity counts!  Being clear and concise is critical to all your communication.  Take a few minutes to re-listen to my interviews with Glenn Kramon about effective writing and Kenneth Romeo about tips for non-native speakers.


Drive for Diversity

Diversity of ideas, experience, and background helps our communication and team work. Striving for equity and inclusion makes us all better.  Please relisten to my episodes with GSB Senior Associate Deans Brian Lowery and Sarah Soule to learn specific tips, tools, and approaches to help you and those you interact with. 


Impact through Influence.

Achieving many of our personal and professional goals requires us to effectively persuade and negotiate. Revisit my Think Fast Talk Smart episodes with Professors Maggie Neale and Zak Tormala to learn best practices to maximize your influence.

Maggie Neale:

Zak Tomala:


Creative Communication Counts!

Creativity is critical for effective communication. A creative mind set and approach sets you up to be more flexible, adaptive, and successful in your communication. Revisit my Think Fast Talk Smart episodes with Professors Christian Wheeler and Tina Seelig to learn more about how you can be more creative in your communication.

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