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Speed bumps in the road

Friction Fixing: How to Use Obstacles to Your Advantage

Focus on Friction! Join me for our latest Think Fast, Talk Smart The Podcast episode where I speak with my Stanford University Graduate School of Business colleague and friend Hayagreeva (Huggy) Rao. We discuss topics from his newest book co-written with prior guest Bob Sutton on the role of good and bad friction in organizations. Also, Huggy is a master storyteller, so listen in to hear some great stories and advice on how you can tell great stories.READ MORE

Focused Communication

Four Principles of Powerful, Focused Communication, Pt. 1

The F-word of Communication = Focus. Who among us hasn’t been victimized by long-winded, meandering messages and meetings? The best, most powerful communication in both planned and spontaneous situations is clear and sharply focused. It conveys everything an audience needs to receive the speaker’s desired message—and only that information. It doesn’t distract audience members, bore them, or waste their time by using wording that is fuzzy, irrelevant, impossibly dense, acronym-laden, or long-winded.