English Language Learning
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Carmine Gallo

August 8

Complement (verb)

Definition: to add something to make it complete

Example from the episode: “PowerPoint or a presentation complements the story, but you have to craft the narrative first.”

Example sentence: “The shoes complement the dress nicely.”

Advocate (noun)

Definition: someone who speaks up for an important issue and uses their voice to help it

Example from the episode: “So not only is he a good role model, he’s a good advocate for what you and I both do.”

Example sentence: “They are advocates for better health care.”

Concise (adjective)

Definition: using few words to express a clear and complete idea

Example from the episode: “As Amazon grew in complexity, his writing became simpler, more concise, easier to understand, and that’s intentional.”

Example sentence: “Their report was concise and only included the facts.”

Head and shoulders above (idiom)

Definition: to be much better than most other people

Example from the episode: “If you can master those three ingredients, you’ll be head and shoulders above the vast majority of business professionals.”

Example sentence: “In the competition, she stood head and shoulders above the others.”