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How Successful Entrepreneurs Communicate

Speak Like a Founder: How Successful Entrepreneurs Communicate to Their Teams

Pitch perfect. Join me for part 1 of the first ever GSB podcast cross over. On the latest episode of Think Fast Talk Smart, Grit and Growth podcast host Darius Teter and I chat with Professor Stefanos Zenios about entrepreneurship, pitching, and building successful businesses. Stay tuned for part 2 on next week’s Grit and Growth episode.READ MORE

Mindset Matter

Mindset Matters: How to Embrace the Benefits of Stress

Mindset Matter. Please join me for the latest episode of the GSB’s Think Fast Talk Smart podcast where I chat with associate psychology professor Alia Crum about the impact our internal perceptions and assumptions have on our communication expectations, goals, and behaviors. By exploring and reframing these mindsets, we can be more confident and connected communicators.READ MORE

The New Normal

The New Normal: How Hybrid Work Actually Works

Making hybrid work actually work.  Please join me for the latest episode of the GSB’s Think Fast Talk Smart podcast where I sit down with Professor Pamela Hinds to discuss the impact of and best practices for our new way of working — some people  in the office and others remote. READ MORE

How to Manage the Narrative

Be Better: How Communication Catalyzes Business Transformation

In our professional and personal lives, we need to adapt to survive and thrive. Listen in to the latest episode of the GSB podcast Think Fast Talk Smart as I talk with GSB lecturer Rob Siegel about best practices for adapting and transforming to better ourselves and our companies. Also, be sure to check out Rob’s new book “The Brains and Brawn Company: How leading organizations blend the digital and the physical.”READ MORE

Encouraging Learning

Building High-Performing Teams by Encouraging Learning

Terrific teaming. Effectiveness in high stakes situations often boils down to expert teaming and communication. Yet, many teams miss the mark and perform sub-optimally. Please listen in to the latest GSB Think Fast Talk Smart episode where I speak with Professor Sara Singer about how you can build high performing teams.READ MORE

Communicate under Pressure

Leading from the Hot Seat: How to Communicate under Pressure

Leading from the hot seat. Communicating effectively when under pressure is critical to business success. Join me for the latest episode of the GSB Think Fast Talk Smart podcast where I speak with former General Electric CEO and GSB lecturer Jeff Immelt about best practices for handling challenging situations and encouraging innovation. READ MORE