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All Effective Communication Must Start With This

Quick Thinks: All Effective Communication Must Start With This

“Know your audience” is the advise most often given on the GSB’s Think Fast Talk Smart podcast. After a year of interviewing close to 25 experts from the Stanford GSB and elsewhere on campus, it is abundantly clear that the most successful communication is not about what you want to say, but what your audience needs to hear. In this new Quick Thinks episode, learn how to make your content relevant and useful to your audience.READ MORE

Look Within: How to Lead with Self Awareness and Vulnerability

Seek out fault lines. Join me for the latest episode of the GSB podcast Think Fast Talk Smart where I talk to GSB Senior Associate Dean and Professor of Organizational Behavior Brian Lowery to discuss the importance of self inquiry and an examination of one’s own values in order to effectively communicate and lead.READ MORE

How leaders can communicate effectively when their organization, brand, or reputation is under attack.

Under Pressure: How to Communicate During a Crisis

When a crisis hits, how you communicate about it is critical.  Join me for the latest episode of the GSB Think Fast Talk Smart podcast where I chat with GSB Lecturer David Demarest about best practices for crisis communication at work.READ MORE