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How We Set and Achieve Goals

Best of: How We Set and Achieve Goals

Use Emotion To Motivate. I am excited for this week’s Think Fast, Talk Smart The Podcast “Best of” episode where I speak with Szu-chi Huang. Among the great information Szu-chi shares, I really appreciate her ideas about when it is useful to compare ourselves to others. I put some of her advice to use in a friendly competition where I and other are striving to be more healthy, and it really helped me to achieve my goals. READ MORE

Make missed takes

From Mistakes to “Missed Takes”

Make “missed takes.”  We can dial down our destructive judging and evaluation that occurs when we communicate on the spot by making a choice to practice accepting and even embracing mistakes. Stressing over every little mistake we make—or might make—is mentally taxing and interfering. I find it helpful to envision mistakes as “missed takes” in the making of a film. When a crew films a scene, they will often do several versions or “takes.” They might do a close-up instead of a distant shot, have the actors stand instead of sit, have them modulate their tone, and so on.READ MORE

100 Anniversary episode

All In: How Improv Helps You Show Up and Communicate Well

100th Episode Celebration! It is hard to believe that we surpassed our 100th Think Fast, Talk Smart The Podcast episode. A BIG thank you to all of our listeners and behind-the-scenes team!

Join me as I welcome back Dan Klein and Adam Tobin — our very first guests, and we add their mentor and friend Patricia Ryan Madson to the mix. We discuss ideas from improvisation that can help us show up and do our best along with applied insight for small talk, interviews, and beyond. As an added bonus, listen in for two educational improv games played by these improv masters.