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Communicating for startup success

Lean Messaging: How Simple Messages Really Stick

Learn Lean Communication. Join me for the latest episode of the GSB’s Think Fast, Talk Smart, the podcast where I chat with legendary entrepreneur and teacher Steve Blank. We discuss communication best practices for company leaders and founders. READ MORE

Blog: Number Count

Make Numbers Count: How to Translate Data for Your Audience

Numbers count! Join me for the latest GSB podcast episode of Think Fast Talk Smart where I chat with GSB Professor Chip Heath about his awesome new book “Making Numbers Count: The Art and Science of Communicating Numbers.” Learn how to effectively talk about data and numbers without numbing your audience. READ MORE

How to Tackle Communication Anxiety

Speaking Up Without Freaking Out: How to Tackle Communication Anxiety

Happy New Year! Please join Think Fast Talk Smart listeners worldwide in our Confident Communicator Challenge. Listen in to the latest GSB Think Fast Talk Smart episode where we revisit helpful advice from Professors Alia Crum, Baba Shiv, and Andrew Huberman on how to be a more confident communicator. Next, start the challenge…To learn more about the challenge and your chance to win a prize visit MORE

How to Use Storytelling to Be a Better Founder

How to Use Storytelling to Be a Better Founder

Founders must be storytellers. Listen in to our latest Quick Thinks episode of the GSB’s Think Fast Talk Smart podcast where Stefanos Zenios and I discuss the power of hypothesis testing and story telling in new business ventures.READ MORE