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Teach, Inspire, Motivate, Empower

Speech That Empowers: How to Encourage Growth and Resilience in a Younger Audience

Communication helps people through important life and work transitions. Using the transition from childhood to adulthood, author and former Stanford Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Julie Lythcott-Haims and I discuss valuable best practices for empowering others through effective communication. Please listen in to the latest Stanford GSB podcast episode on Think Fast Talk Smart to learn more.READ MORE

Cultivate a compelling professional presence through the screen

Quick Thinks: How to Shine Online

Shine Online.  Learn virtual communication best practices in our latest GSB Quick Thinks episode. We have compiled several easy-to-implement advice from many of our previous Think Fast Talk Smart podcast guests. Listen in, learn, and elevate your online communication. READ MORE

How Communication Impacts Conflict

Dissolve Disagreements: How Communication Impacts Conflict

Dissolve Disagreements. Our professional and personal lives are filled with debate, disagreements, and arguments. Listen in to the latest episode of the GSB’s Think Fast Talk Smart podcast as I speak with Professor Nir Halevy about how communication done right can provide a clear avenue for resolving conflicts and kerfuffles.READ MORE

How asking strong questions helps you build trust

Question Everything: Why Curiosity Is Communication’s Secret Weapon

Question everything! Questions are the Swiss Army knife of communication. They can help you build trust and understanding, foster engagement, and even calm your nerves. Join me for the latest episode of the GSB’s Think Fast Talk Smart where I speak with GSB lecturer and former NPR reporter, producer, and director Debra Schifrin about how you can ask better questions. READ MORE

All Effective Communication Must Start With This

Quick Thinks: All Effective Communication Must Start With This

“Know your audience” is the advise most often given on the GSB’s Think Fast Talk Smart podcast. After a year of interviewing close to 25 experts from the Stanford GSB and elsewhere on campus, it is abundantly clear that the most successful communication is not about what you want to say, but what your audience needs to hear. In this new Quick Thinks episode, learn how to make your content relevant and useful to your audience.READ MORE