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The Art of Negotiation: How to Get More of What You Want

Get more of what you want! Listen in on the latest episode of the Stanford GSB podcast Think Fast Talk Smart as I interview Professor Emeritus Maggie Neale about best practices for negotiating and other high stakes communication.

In this podcast episode, we discuss the common mistakes people make during high stakes communication and how to effectively approach these conversations.


Don’t Be a Jerk at Work: How to Communicate Better with Coworkers and Employees

Don’t be a jerk at work! Most of the work we do requires coordinating and collaborating with others. But how can we ensure the benefits of working with others, while avoiding conflict that’s inherent to communicating within groups? Join me for the latest episode of the GSB’s Think Fast Talk Smart podcast where Professor Bob Sutton and I discuss specific best practices for reducing friction at work when remote or in-person.


Make ’Em Laugh

Make ’Em Laugh: How Humor Can Be the Secret Weapon in Your Communication

The latest episode of the Think Fast Talk Smart podcast, which is produced by the Stanford GSB, is all about how a good laugh helps you and the work you do. Listen in as I chat with GSB professor Jennifer Aaker and Lecturer Naomi Bagdona who discuss the importance and role of humor in the workplace. They discuss best practices from their class “Humor, Serious Business” and from their forthcoming book “Humor, Seriously: Why humor is a secret weapon in business and life.”READ MORE

11 Tips for Remote Meetings

11 Tips for More Effective, Less Annoying Remote Meetings

OK, Zoomer. These are for you.

By Charity Ferreira

You’re sharing space with kids, pets, partners, housemates. You’re joining work meetings, maybe from your phone, wearing your pajama pants, and possibly contorted into whatever corner of your bedroom, kitchen or front porch has the best Wi-Fi connection. You’re using the same platform to meet with your colleagues that you use to attend concerts, happy hours and toddler birthday parties. When it comes to remote meetings in the age of COVID-19, the boundaries are blurred. And for now, that’s OK.READ MORE

Communicating and Leading Virtually

Quick Thinks: Communicating and Leading Virtually

“Leading successful meetings remotely and being a strong speaker on-screen require specific skills. Communicating effectively has to do with your presence, ability to leverage tools, and your audience engagement. In this Quick Thinks podcast episode you’ll learn best practices for becoming a more effective and engaging online communicator.” READ MORE

Monologue to Dialogue

From Monologue to Dialogue: How to Handle a Skeptical Audience

Transitioning from monolog to dialog can be tricky, especially when your audience sends challenging objections your way. In the latest episode of Think Fast Talk Smart, we discuss techniques to help you confidently and empathetically respond to skepticism without sounding defensive, evasive, or dismissive. READ MORE