Four Principles of Powerful, Focused Communication, Pt. 1
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Communication Techniques

Four Principles of Powerful, Focused Communication, Pt. 1

The F-word of Communication = Focus. Who among us hasn’t been victimized by long-winded, meandering messages and meetings? The best, most powerful communication in both planned and spontaneous situations is clear and sharply focused. It conveys everything an audience needs to receive the speaker’s desired message—and only that information. It doesn’t distract audience members, bore them, or waste their time by using wording that is fuzzy, irrelevant, impossibly dense, acronym-laden, or long-winded.

In the latest episode of Think Fast, Talk Smart The Podcast that was recorded as part of our recent THINK FAST TALK SMART LIVE event, I share four pillars of focused messages: precision, relevance, accessibility, and concision. By leveraging these qualities in your communication, you’ll find yourself connecting better with audiences, engaging them longer, and delivering messages that stick better in people’s minds.

Please be sure to tune in TWO days from now when we air the Ask Me Anything portion of this LIVE event.

You can also listen to the newest episode here:

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February 6, 2024