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Concerned about an upcoming question and answer session? Anxious about being asked to provide your thoughts during a meeting? Fearful of being required to present your hour-long business proposal in 20 minutes? Many of us are uneasy about speaking in public, especially when we are asked to speak in an impromptu, “off the cuff” manner. However, much of our personal and professional lives requires this exact type of spontaneous speaking.

Here are some resources to help you speak spontaneously with greater confidence and clarity, regardless of content and context. In other words, to Think Fast. and Talk Smart.

Hack Your Anxiety

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  • Connecting through conversation
    In Blog
    Say It, See It: How to Connect Through Conversation
  • Small talk is a holiday gift everyone can enjoy
    In Blog
    Quick Thinks: Don’t Sweat the Small Talk
  • How We Set and Achieve Goals
    In Blog
    Best of: How We Set and Achieve Goals
  • Listening
    In Blog
    Communication Means Paying Attention: The Four Pillars of Active Listening
  • Fear of Missing Out - FOMO
    In Blog
    Missing Something? How to Kick FOMO with Conscious Decision-Making
  • Make missed takes
    In Blog
    From Mistakes to “Missed Takes”
  • How to Spark Creativity in Your Communication
    In Blog
    Best Of: How to Spark Creativity in Your Communication
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